Historical Breaks

Whether you're wanting to see the best museums or even visit a couple of UNESCO World Heritage sites across a number of destinations on your travel bucket list, we're here to help you discover.

Walk in the footsteps of heroes on a Battlefield tour, whether it is in remembrance of a loved one or to discover what life was like on the front line. From WW1 & WW2, the American Civil War, the Boer & Zulu wars or a trip to Vietnam an expert led tour will bring everything to life.

Archaeology holidays feature a wide selection of destinations including exploring the ancient and classical world, from Ancient Rome to Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece to Classical Turkey.

Cultural trips are pure, simple adventures to explore some of the most iconic lands and civilisations on Earth; from the ruins of the mighty Mayan empire to the bustling streets of Beijing, cultural tours are designed to take you to the heart of your destination. To get to know its people – and particularities – better. Whether it's guiding you through the captivating chaos of Morocco's souks, or setting your taste buds alight with wine from Stellenbosch, there is a cultural holiday for everyone.


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Tracey Strand