A Guide to Cruising the World's Oceans

Africa is surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans plus the Mediterranean Sea. This continent has many ports to help cruisers discover the many sights and delights, including Ghana and Senegal or make a stop at Cape Verde islands. The plains and plateaus of Namibia, the wildlife of South Africa from Cape Town or Durban or snorkel off the coast of Madagascar and the glorious Seychelles.

The Ultimate adventure is visiting the White Continent. Leaving Chile or Argentina and navigate the Drake Passage on your expedition ship, visit the Falkland Islands before reaching Antarctica.

The Pacific Ocean will bring us to Asia, ancient, futuristic, sacred. peaceful, riotous and breath taking. Cruise through East Asia includes stops in China, Japan and South Korea. Southeast Asia offers cruises between Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The diversity of the continent also includes India with its colour and culture.

Between the South Pacific and Indian  Oceans, Australia is diverse in terms of its geography, wildlife and climate, with deserts, mountains and rainforests. Urban cities of culture including Sydney and Melbourne are all part of the experience. New Zealand has unparalleled natural beauty, Famous for the 'Lord of the Rings' film sets the tropical North Island and the ice fields of the South island, as well as adventure sports and outstanding wine.

The Middle East's exotic aura attracts history lovers and adventure seekers looking to expand cultural horizons. Souks, breath taking mosques and desert safaris are a great way of exploring. The Arabian Gulf cruises take in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar where you can experience the traditional and modern Middle East.

Most people when imagining their ultimate paradise will envisage the South Pacific. Sailing from Australia or New Zealand you visit the islands of Fiji, Bora Bora, Tahiti and Samoa as well as many more remote spots including the Cook Islands and Vanuatu. Divers in culture, language, history, geology and scenery. On a South Pacific cruise you can enjoy relaxing beaches and some of the world's best water sports. 



Tracey Strand