A Guide to Cruising European Oceans

The British Isles offers something for every type of cruiser. Rolling green countryside and castles to charming cobblestone streets and traditional pubs. The compact nature of the British Isles and it's islands means you can spend more time onshore, which enables you to visit landmarks such as Stonehenge, Tobermory and the Blarney Stone or spend time in the historic cities of Dublin, Edinburgh and London.

A cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean is great if you are a fan of art and architecture with itineraries along the Adriatic Coast, Black Sea, the Greek Islands and the Holy Land. Venice and Athens have their own unique flavour and the Greek Isles attract the history and beach lovers. Religion in the Eastern Mediterranean is varies, Dubrovnik's ancient churches, Istanbul's breathtaking mosques or Jerusalem's vibrant synagogues.

The Western Mediterranean spans two continents, Europe and Africa. Artistic Italy, French history, Spanish flavours and Arabic culture in Morocco and Tunisia are among the highlights. Visit Barcelona's Las Ramblas, a day trip to Capri from Naples or Sorrento or a visit to the wine making regions of France.

A Greek cruise will get you up close to the ancient world with visits to Athens and Katakolan, the gateway to Olympia. Each island has its own feel with the sunsets on Santorini, beaches of Corfu or the shops in Rhodes Old Town.

Italy boasts two of the most popular cruise ports in the Mediterranean, Civitavecchia for Rome and Venice. Cruise the Amalfi Coast and the Tuscan coastline of the Cinque Terre where Florence is easily accessible.

France offers cruises of contrast with the north offering the quant towns of Brittany and to the southern cities of Marseilles, Cannes and a visit to Monaco.

Spain offers fiestas, flavours, wine and art with the ports of Barcelona, Malaga and Cadiz. But it does not end there are Spain also offers the Islands of the Canaries with their volcanic flavour or the Balearics including Majorca and Ibiza.

The Croatian coastline is dotted with small islands, spectacular ports of Split and Dubrovnik. A great are to take advantage of the smaller more intimate cruise ships allowing you access to the smaller islands. 



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