A Guide to Cruising Europe's Rivers

Cruise ships traverse the rivers in Germany, Austria, France Switzerland and the Netherlands. There are also opportunities to sail through Russia and Portugal.

The iconic river cruise is along the Danube where over 7 nights you can take in the cities of Budapest, Vienna and Nuremburg or continue for a further 7 days to Amsterdam where in the spring you can enjoy the beautiful tulip fields of Keukenhof.

The Main, Rhine, Rhone and Elbe are easily accessible as is the Seine. France offer you the chance of barge holidays, whether you take the whole barge as part of a family get together or join a group, you will enjoy the food and drink a la Rick Stein.

In Portugal the Douro runs from Oporto and here you will enjoy some of the best Port estates anywhere in the world.

The Volga will take you from Moscow to St Petersburg but you must have at least 3 days in each of these cities to ensure you enjoy everything that Russia has to offer from art, history to amazing culture.

The beauty of a river cruise is that you will watch the world go by from the deck of your ship and visit some villages and towns that will surprise you. 






Tracey Strand